14 November 2022

The first summit of the Organization of Turkic States

The first summit of the Organization of Turkic States was held in Samarkand. Within the framework of the summit, a joint Uzbek-Hungarian business forum was held.

More than 10 documents were signed within the framework of the Samarkand summit of the Organization of Turkic States.

In particular, the following documents were signed:

Declaration of the Samarkand Summit of the Organization of Turkic States;

Protocol to the Nakhichevan Agreement on the Establishment of the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking Countries;

The decision to establish a Turkish investment fund in a short time;

Agreement on the simplification of customs corridors;

Contract for the carriage of goods in mixed transport;

Strategy Approval Decision

Organization of Turkic States for 2022-2026;

Decision to adopt a trade facilitation strategy.

The Member States unanimously supported the proposal of the President of Uzbekistan to declare 2023 the year of the rise of Turkish civilization.

At the event, at the suggestion of Kazakhstan, it was decided to hold the next summit of the organization in Kazakhstan in 2023.

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