4 October 2021

Announcement on the prolongation of the deadline for submitting proposals for attracting Privatization consultants

In order to select the best proposals on an open, transparent and competitive basis in the process of attracting professional consultants, JSC "UzAssets" investment company under the State Assets Management Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan announces the extension of the deadline for submitting proposals from Privatization Consultants for the following SOEs until 20 -00 hours October 14, 2021 (Tashkent time):
1. JSC “Orta Osiyo Trans” - RfP;

2. JSC “93-maxsus trest” - RfP;

3. Research design institutes ("UzGasProject" and "UzGASHKLITI") - RfP.

For questions and additional information, please reach out to the following contacts:
Mr. Azizjon Kahhorov, CEO JSC «UzAssets»;
Tel.: +99871 259 20 23, Email: a.kahhorov@uz-assets.uz;
Mr. Jaloliddin Usmonov, specialist of UzAssets; 
Tel.: + 998-71-259-22-40; e-mail: j.usmonov@uz-assets.uz;
Mr. Shokhrukh Okhunov, Head of the Department for cooperation with international financial institutions and protocol of the State Assets Management Agency;
Tel.: +998-71-259-21-87; email: cooperation@davaktiv.uz.

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