25 January 2022 1210

Announcement on the extension of deadlines for sales of 85.84% shares in the chartered capital of JSC “Jizzax Plastmassa”

"UzAssets Investment Company” JSC under the State Assets Management Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan announces the extension of the deadline for submission of applications for the purchase of an 85.84% stake in the authorized capital of JSC “Jizzax Plastmassa”, set in the Announcement dated November 19, 2021 until 18:00 of January 31, 2022 by Tashkent time.

This extension is aimed at ensuring a more transparent and competitive sale process, as well as providing Bidders with further opportunities to participate in the process.


UzAssets reserves the right to change the sequence of the sale process or to refuse to sell to or negotiate with any potential buyer(s) at any time without explanation.

This announcement, or any part of its contents, should not be construed as a form of commitment on the part of UzAssets, the Company, and Grant Thornton with respect to the sale of the Company, which could be inferred from the publication of this announcement. UzAssets and Grant Thornton reserve the right, in their sole discretion, at any time and in any respect, without assuming joint or several liabilities.

(i) make changes to the application deadline;

(ii) follow different procedures with respect to various interested parties, and/or negotiate with one or more potential purchasers within the schedule and procedure provided jointly by UzAssets, the Company, and Grant Thornton to the exclusion of any other potential purchaser(s) without prior notice;

(iii) terminate the sales process for any reason; and/or

(iv) terminate any discussions and negotiations with any potential buyer(s) with respect to the Transaction at any time and without giving a reason.

(v) for more information or clarifications about the process, please contact us by e-mail obidjan.azimbaev@uz.gt.com, nematulla.karimov@uz.gt.com and sh.saidniyozov@uz-assets.uz.

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