20 July 2020 1350

The World Bank’s IBL project

On July 20, a video conference was held with the participation of representatives of the State Asset Management Agency, the World Bank and the Ministry of Finance to discuss the ongoing work in the field of privatization and the activities of "UzAssets" JSC.

Issues concerning the strategy and plan of the newly established “UzAssets JSC, the state-owned enterprises to be transferred to it, the role and importance of the newly created company in the impending privatization process, and the potential assistance of the World Bank in this process and the activities of consultants were discussed.

Mechanisms and specific deadlines for the implementation of other issues on the agenda were also identified.

For information: The World Bank's IBL project consists of 4 components, the second component of which is to increase the institutional capacity in the main areas of activity, namely corporate governance, restructuring of enterprises, application of bankruptcy principles and privatization.

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