"Jizzax Plastmassa" JSC

“Jizzakh Plastmassa” JSC (Company) is located in the south-eastern part of the city of Jizzakh and was launched in 1972.

Until the early 2000s, the Company was the only/main supplier of tapes and pipes for the agricultural and construction sectors in Uzbekistan. Manufacturing and administrative facilities are located on an area of 12.5 hectares with modern and extensive production infrastructure, which allows you to set up production of additional types of products in a short time.

The Company’s 85.84 percent share in the authorized capital was transferred to JSC "Investment Company UzAssets" under the State Assets Management Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan for further sale.

In accordance with the Presidential Decree PD-4707 of the Republic of Uzbekistan, dated 4 March, 2015 "On the Program of Measures to Ensure Structural Transformations, Modernization and Diversification of Production for 2015-2019", the enterprise has implemented projects "Organization of production of polyethylene film with a width of 3000 mm", "Organization of production of polyethylene pipes ND 50 ÷ 250 mm and ND 710 ÷ 1200 mm".

The total area of the enterprise is 12.5 hectares, the total building area is 34,914.5 sq. m. The company permanently employs 150 employees.

The main consumers are contractors under the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services, using polyethylene pipes of various diameters in construction, water supply and sewerage systems. In the production process of polyethylene pipes, for the most part, raw materials (polyethylene granules) are used, produced by the Shurtan and Ustyurt gas chemical plants.

The Company's products are successfully sold both in Uzbekistan and for export to the neighboring states of Central Asia and Afghanistan. The company is actively investing in increasing the range of its products through the creation of joint ventures with specialized investors from Europe, the Middle East, the Russian Federation and Turkey.

Types of products and services produced by the enterprise:

  1. Polyethylene film;
  2. Polyethylene pipe;
  3. Consumer goods;

According to the end of 2021, the net profit of the enterprise is 704.5 million soums, the plan was fulfilled by 106.85%, and the net income is 20.56 billion soums.

Financial indicators of "Jizzax Plastmassa" JSC

(in thousand UZS)

Change over previous year

2021 year

2020 year

2019 year

Net income from the sale of products (goods, work and services).


20 561,0

25 057,8

29 856,5

Cost of goods (products, works, services) sold.


16 468,0

16 672,2

19 496,8

Gross profit


4 093,0

8 385,5

10 359,7

Distribution costs





Administrative expenses


2 386,6

2 693,6

3 267,5

Other operating expenses


2 230,0

2 677,1

2 425,7

Operating Profit


2 557,9

3 377,4

5 324,6

Finance income





Finance expense


1 245,2

3 150,1

1 510,5

Profit Before Tax




3 953,5

Income tax





Net profit




3 531,9


Accrued dividends

Payout ratio of the net profit (According to NAS)

2022 (Business plan)



1 765,9








"Jizzax Plastmassa" JSC

Assets (in B UZS)
Equity/Liability (in B UZS)
Revenue/Net Profit (in B UZS)
ROA (%)
ROE (%)
EPS /Dividend per share (UZS)
Debt to equity ratio/Working capital ratio (Coef.)
Deterioration ratio/current financial independence ratio (Coef.)
Liquidity ratio (Coef.)
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