About us

"UzAssets Investment company" JSC was established following the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 15, 2020, No. 381. By decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers, state-owned shares of enterprises were transferred to "UzAssets" JSC.

UzAssets’ primary objective is to organise the pre-sale preparation and conduct negotiations with investors to sell large state-owned enterprises according to international standards. The company serves as the platform for the accumulation of best international practice on mergers and acquisitions of large SOEs for our sole shareholder, the State Assets Management Agency.

Our qualified personnel continuously strives for establishing trustworthy relationships with intermediaries, investment banks and funds, auditing firms, and participants of the capital market. 

The company's approach is based on openness, professionalism, responsiveness, market-oriented policies, and demonstrated principles of corporate governance.

UzAssets is one of the largest asset management companies in Uzbekistan, with specialized knowledge and experience in the transformational restructuring of state-owned enterprises into competitive, efficient, stable, and transparent companies, as well as implementing the most advanced corporate governance methods and international financial reporting mechanisms.

Our working principles are to ensure transparency, professionalism, knowledge of effective asset management, financial modeling, attracting private equity and FDI, leading and closing successful and mutually beneficial transactions. Over time, UzAssets intends to become one of the largest regional players in the fields of asset management and portfolio investments.

Companies in our portfolio will aim to fully integrate IFRS into their accounting program, to have independent members with international experience in the supervisory boards and executive management, fully cooperate with investors to release public information about their activities.

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